суббота, 3 марта 2012 г.

Рукодельные Равлики: Апельсиновый шестиугольный мотив

Рукодельные Равлики: Апельсиновый шестиугольный мотив: Меня попросили на Равелри написать схему вязание мотива из апельсиновых тапочек , я и сюда выложу схему. Его легко сделать меньше или больше...

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  1. Dear Ksenia, Thank you for providing the ability to translate your blog to English. Your little princess is beautiful. Are the pretty things you've made for her?

  2. Hellow my dear friend! Thank you, for youe answer! You know, sometimes I start to feel that english is my 2d language and I strat to forget sometimes russian words )))) That is why I decided to make my blog not only by russian, but by english too! I found a lot of wonderful authers from different countries!
    Yes, all things what you can see in my blog,I made by myself ) And I love these examples and also whant to make smth for my baby from this pattern, coz its so light and sunny! )))